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This year more Americans worked from home than ever before. During the height of the pandemic, as many as one third of employees were completing work remotely, and many still are.

This shift caused many employers to rethink their hiring policies and company structures to accommodate more opportunities for virtual employment. Some companies have even decided to make the transition permanent, with industry leaders like Facebook and Twitter announcing they will be restructuring to allow more staff to work from home.

Remote work has many advantages, such as flexibility and autonomy, and is a perfect fit for employees who are self-motivated, disciplined and independent.

If you’re on the market for a virtual gig, are three important tips to remember:

  1. Revise your resume. Even if your resume is up to date, you will need to revise it to emphasise your ability to work from home successfully. Be sure to highlight your technical skills and your ability to take projects and run with them. When describing your work ethic, use terms such as “motivated,” “self-starter,” and “organized.”
  2. Create a digital portfolio. If you have samples of your work, put them into a digital portfolio, such as a website, that can be easily shared with your future employer. Make sure to include elements that reflect your personality, such as a short video resume. This will demonstrate that you can thrive in a digital environment. If you are applying for your first job, you can use examples of work completed for internships or classes.
  3. Dress up for the interview. Even though you might interview for a remote position over a video call from your living room, dress as if you already have the position and are going into the office for a day’s work. This will show your future employer that you take the position seriously and are a motivated and responsible individual.

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